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Protecting against Flu

We’re back promoting the importance of the flu vaccination. In the 2017/2018 period Slough achieved vaccination coverage of:

-   At Risk individuals 47.5% (England 48.9%)

-  Aged 65+ 69.9% (England 72.6%)

-  Ages 2-4yrs 28.4% (England 38.1%)

-  Primary school 45% (Berkshire 65%)

Still significantly down on the England levels of vaccination.

Approximately 50-100 people die every year in Slough because of the flu, a third of which are otherwise healthy people with no underlying medical conditions!

1)      Protecting against flu – Generic poster with myth busting

2)      Handwashing – Poster for promoting importance of hand washing for your toilet areas

3)      Display screen – An adapted poster for you to use on any display screens that you may have

WWT Yellow Fish initiative in Chalvey

A new initiative being delivering in Chalvey. This is our Yellow Fish project, which is an Environment Agency Initiative to raise awareness of water pollution. It involves community groups and schools who spread the message that surface water drains at the side of the road take rainwater directly to the nearest river or stream. More:

Yellow Fish 1

Yellow Fish 2

Yellow Fish 3

Yellow Fish 4

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Roundmoor Ditch Improvement

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