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How to check new Chalvey planning applications and enter comments or objections on-line.

  1. Go to http://www.slough.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/
  2. Click on “Search and Track Applications”
  3.  Click on “Advanced Application Search”
  4. In “Date Range Search Field” panel, go to the “date registered” box (new applications which have not progressed yet only appear under that heading) enter from about three months ago to today. Otherwise you will get hundreds of very old responses.  Click on the calendars at the side of the “from-to” boxes to select your dates. The arrows at the top left and right of the calendar will take you back and forward through the months.
  5. In the “Area Selection Search” panel, go to the “Ward” box. Click on the arrow at the side. A drop down list appears. Click “Chalvey”
  6. Click “Search” in bottom left hand corner. A list appears showing all applications registered for Chalvey between the dates chosen.
  7. Click on the Ref Number at the left of an address. A full detailed description of the application will display, including the contact details of the applicant.
  8. To see the drawings, click on the “Media Items” tab which is at the top of the “Address Details” panel.
  9.  At the bottom of the page Click on the “View Planning Documents” box(es)
  10. If you wish to comment or object, close the planning document. This returns you to the description screen as in item (8).
  11. At the bottom of the “Application Details” panel, underneath “Status Description” you will see “Comment”. Click on “Comment on this application” immediately to its right. Fill in the boxes as required and click “Submit”. You can add an attachment (drawing etc:) if you wish.

Note: No cut off dates seem to be shown for sending in objections or comments, but if you are too late it will say so!  Bear in mind that normally three weeks are allowed from the date that publicity is distributed, so it pays to check for new applications regularly.

The publicity start and end dates are shown by clicking on the “Conditions and Reasons” tab (next to the Media Items tab in item 9) and these can be some time after initial registration.  The council is only obliged to specifically notify next door neighbours unless they decide otherwise.  You can check on the progress of an application by clicking on the various other tabs.