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Chalvey Community Forum

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Updated 2-8-2017

Next meeting: Wednesday,

12th September 2018 at 7:30 pm

Venue: Brook House

High Street, Chalvey, SL1 2TX

(Note: New Venue!)

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Chalvey Community Centre

The Green, Slough SL1 2SP

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Chalvey Ward Map

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The emerging Local Plan for Slough 2016-2036

Major developments are planned for the shopping centre in High Street, Chalvey, replacing it with a new, large school. This will also remove The Hangout and the Chalvey Community Centre.

Let the Council know your views!

For detailed information follow this link.

Health Makers

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Royal Wedding Street Party - Beechwood Gardens

Tower and Ashbourne Houses

Representatives from SBC gave an outline brief on plans for the above properties. A further consultation is planned in July. Details to be published here.

More information : (see Site Ref:81)

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